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Rosie and the Worry Whisperer

Rosie is a little girl with big worries. Today is her sixth birthday, and she is having a party at the space museum with all her friends. She loves everything about space… but she cannot stop worrying about all of the things that might go wrong. What if nobody comes to her party? What if it’s too loud? What if it’s scary? Her ‘worry whisperer’ often twists her tummy into knots with questions like this.

This is the story of how Rosie begins her journey to accept and love her worry whisperer for what it is – a protector that sometimes does its job a little too well. Sometimes, Rosie discovers, she can be brave too.

ISBN 9781922332745 (HB, 32pp);
280mm x 216mm
AUD $26 USD $18 NZD $28 GBP £14 EUR €16
ISBN 9781922332752 (eBook) AUD $13 USD $9 NZD $14 GBP £7 EUR €8



An engaging story that will help children manage worry and anxiety without trivialising their big feelings. Kat’s delightful illustrations bring Rosie’s world to life as she faces new challenges, and with a little help, learns how to be brave. An essential read for sensitive kids.

– Steph Matuku, Author of Falling Into Rarohenga

This glorious book teaches children and their parents that the ‘inside whisper’ is not to be feared but rather understood and confronted by calling up the brave parts of themselves. It explores how at times our fears can be helpful in keeping us safe, while at other times ‘the inside whisper’ is not based on truth and can spoil even the happiest of moments and hinder life. The book also highlights how with the support of family, our fears can be tackled and developmental opportunities embraced.

– Belinda Blecher, Child and Adolescent Psychologist

This delightful book shows children that it’s okay to be a little daunted at the thought of your birthday party, and gently suggests how to deal with those worrisome ’what ifs’

– Sue Copsey, award-winning children’s author


Matthew Cunningham

Matthew Cunningham is an author and historian based in the Greater Wellington region of Aotearoa New Zealand. He is the author of Abigail and the Birth of the Sun, which won Best Picture Book Award at the New Zealand Book Awards for Children and Young Adults 2020 and is currently working on two history books as well as his first full-length novel. Born in Australia, he now lives in Porirua with his wife and daughter Abigail, who, like her namesake, also likes to ask big questions.

Katharine Hall

Katharine Hall is an illustrator and graphic designer based in a small studio in Aotearoa (New Zealand). She tells stories that translate across language – specialising in ink work and digital design for individuals, start-ups, and businesses both big and small. Her third children's book was with Huia Publishing, her first being Whetu toa and the Magician by Steph Matuku, Winner of Storylines Notable Book Junior Fiction 2019 Award and New Zealand Book Award finalist.  She is a graduate from Massey University with a Bachelor of Design (Hons) majoring in illustration.



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