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  • Leaving New Jersey

    This collection recounts the story of leaving America, where the author was born, and of arriving in Australia, where she did not plan to stay.  It is a tale of unsettling and resettling, of leaving as an ongoing process.  Each micro-scene is a snapshot of time and place — spanning decades and moments, continents and conversations, wars, dreams and kitchen tables — to capture the psychological and spatial tensions between “here” and “there”.  Leaving New Jersey is a lyrical re-experiencing of putting down roots and tearing them up, an extraordinary poetic account of an ordinary woman’s quest for home.

    $12.00 (GST-inc)
  • On Reflection

    This evocative collection sets poems side by side with prose poems that help enlarge the frame of reference for the author’s subjects.

    The collection follows a young poet through his daily life, and the poem’s subtitle of a Twenty-Twenty Vision is an apt description of the two sides of story we see – both the creative, poetic side and the prose poetry fact side.

    $25.00 (GST-inc)