IP eNews 60 (our last newsletter) is online!

Our last ever issue of IP eNews is now online, so please check it out if you haven’t already: IP eNews 60

We’ve enjoyed the 15 years that eNews has been online and were pleased that the National Library has been archiving it as ‘a significant cultural feature’ almost from the start. The newsletter evolved over the years, reflecting the growth of IP, adding columns on imprints like IP Kidz as they came on stream, as well as fascinating interviews with our authors.

The only problem was that it was a quarterly. In the early days that was fine, but recently we’ve had so much news to share that we’ve increasingly relied on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for posting breaking news and events. eNews became more of a summary of information that had already been released on our social media sites, so readers would likely skim over much of the content.

The big advantage of newsletters, though, is covering issues in greater depth than the “grabs” one expects from Twitter and even Facebook. So we’re hoping this new blog will be a more efficient and timely replacement for eNews, however sad we are to see it go!

And we also hope that you will “write back” to us in response to our postings, even prompting us for postings that you would like to see here. Here’s your chance to shape the direction of our blog at the outset, so do let us know!

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