The Sky Dreamer / Le Bateau de reves (bi-lingual)

The Sky Dreamer, by Anne Morgan, illustrated by Céline Eimann, is a picture book that helps children to better understand their feelings of grief after the death of a loved one. Published by IP Kidz, an imprint of IP (Interactive Publications). Also available in French, French-English bilingual and translation editions.

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The Sky Dreamer, by Anne Morgan, illustrated by Céline Eimann, is a picture book that helps children to better understand their feelings of grief after the death of a loved one. Published by IP Kidz, an imprint of IP (Interactive Publications). Also available in French, French-English bilingual and translation editions.

Après la mort de sa sœur, le monde de Liam devient gris.

Il passe des heures à regarder les nuages dans le ciel hivernal, espérant que Cassie soit là-haut quelque part.

La nuit précédant son anniversaire, Cassie revient à la maison dans un merveilleux bateau volant et jette l’ancre dans l’eucalyptus argenté de leur jardin. Elle invite Liam à grimper à bord et les deux enfants s’en vont naviguer à travers la voie lactée.

Mais il y a bien des leçons que Liam devra apprendre avant qu’ils ne retrouvent le chemin du retour.

Le bateau de rêves est un magnifique livre d’images, racontant de manière enchanteresse et réconfortante l’histoire douloureuse d’un jeune enfant apprenant à reprendre le contrôle de sa vie après la mort d’un être aimé.

Ce livre a reçu le soutien d’une subvention du Conseil de l’Australie.


When Liam’s sister dies, his world turns grey. He spends hours watching clouds crossing the wintry skies, hoping that Cassie is out there somewhere.

On the night before Liam’s birthday, Cassie sails the Sky Dreamer to their home and drops anchor in a ghost gum tree. She invites Liam to climb aboard, and together the children go sailing through the Milky Way. But there are lessons Liam must learn before the Sky Dreamer returns home.

The Sky Dreamer is an achingly beautiful and ultimately comforting picture book about a young child learning to take control of his life after the death of a loved one.

This title was supported by the Australia Council in its 2010 Grants round.

The Sky Dreamer is available from Amazon (Kindle), the iBookstore (Apple), and from IP Sales in eBook + audio versions.

Anne Morgan

Anne Morgan's children's books include: The Sky Dreamer, which has been translated into French as Le bateau de reves, and the Captain Clawbeak junior novels. She has a PhD in writing and a Masters of Education degree, and is also an award-winning poet. These days lives and writes on Bruny Island, Tasmania, where she is spending a day at Adventure Bay. Their website is .

Céline Eimann

Céline Eimann is a Swiss-born artist. After almost five years in Australia, she recently returned to the land of chocolate. She studied art and visual communication design, and now writes stories for children. She is the illustrator of IP Kidz's The Sky Dreamer, which has been supported by the Australian Council. Céline is also the author and illustrator of Lyli Meets the Stone-Muncher (also available in French and French-English translation).


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  • IP (Interactive Publications Pty Ltd)

    “In a very sensitive and gentle way, this book invites the reader to experience the journey of a child coping with grief after the death of a sibling.

    On the night before Liam’s birthday he experiences a dream connection with his sister, Cassie as she arrives in her boat the Sky Dreamer, floating just outside his window above a silver ghost gum. Cassie welcomes her brother aboard and off they sail into many adventures while Cassie sews her brother a birthday present. As they journey through the sky, Cassie encourages Liam to learn to sail the Sky Dreamer by himself through the many hazards of thunder, lightning, meteorites, past distant planets and comets. Gradually he gains confidence to steer on his own and all the while his sister sews his birthday present. As daylight appears, Liam leaves the Sky Dreamer with his special birthday present, which will brighten his life.

    Liam’s journey with Cassie in the Sky Dreamer is a beautiful analogy of a child’s journey through the grey times of the grief to very gradually learning to live without a sibling and once again experience the sunny, happy times. The dreamlike quality and changing colours of the beautiful illustrations reflect the emotions that Liam experiences as he learns to steer the Sky Dreamer. His stark, grey world of grief is mirrored in the grey tones of the background as he stares at the cloud formations in the sky. This contrasts with the changing colours in illustrations throughout the narrative, ending with the sunny colours of the final illustration.

    This beautiful book very gently explores the process of loss and healing and would be very comforting to share with a child going through this process.”
    – Margaret Warner, Buzz Words

    “Fortuitously and for me well-timed, our own Anne Morgan [has] a French language version of her book The Sky Dreamer. The French title is Le bateau de reves, or ‘The Boat of Dreams’, and I have enjoyed reading Anne’s wonderful picture book all over again, this time in a different language.”
    – Penny Garnsworthy, Children’s Book Council of Australia Tasmania Blog

    “When they finally make their way home, Cassie leaves him again. But now, Liam has navigated his way through his loss and grief, and has his gift of her love to help him find warmth and happiness in his life.

    This is a wonderful book for children dealing with grief, from a talented Tasmanian author.”
    – Dani Colvin, Sunday Tasmanian

    “Liam is grieving over the death of sister Cassie and the world seems grey. One night Cassie calls him to come with her in a boat called The Sky Dreamer. As they float through space, Cassie sits sewing while Liam struggles with his fears as they are battered by storms and meteorites. Finally Liam plucks up courage to take the wheel and steer the boat himself. After galactic adventures, they arrive home, where Cassie gives Liam the special gift she has been sewing. While the story is rather flat the illustrations are the major appeal of this book. From the depressing greys, which initially echo Liam’s mood, we move swiftly to a beautiful varied palette of rainbow colors in mixed media (paint, crayon, Hessian prints) as the artist engages from the enchanting cover and endpapers through the dreamlike journey across the universe. Despite the beauty of the illustrations, however, it is a little difficult to predict the readership, as adult guidance is probably needed for a child to get the full emotional impact of the story.”
    – CM, Reading Time

    July 24, 2023
  • IP (Interactive Publications Pty Ltd)

    “The Sky Dreamer is one of those special stories designed to reach a specific audience: in this case siblings of children who have passed away.

    The Sky Dreamer tells of a sad little boy called Liam. Having lost his sister recently to a terminal illness, he is struggling to cope with the grief and focus on the present, even with his birthday imminent. Feeling lost and lonely, Liam’s imagination takes him away on a voyage in a beautiful ship adorned with rainbow sails, with his precious sister Cassie. The journey takes Liam out of his comfort zone. It shows him beauty and colour, fear, how to be strong, and the lessons he needs to learn so that he can cope. Cassie’s gift to Liam is comfort and love.

    Dr. Anne Morgan has explored an important topic for anyone affected by the grief of losing a loved one; for children in particular it is so much more confusing and hard to understand. She has used her own personal experience to create this sensitive and touching tale to be shared.

    A must for children experiencing grief.”
    – Angela Hall, Bug in a Book

    July 24, 2023
  • IP (Interactive Publications Pty Ltd)

    “The Sky Dreamer is a touching children’s picture book written by Anne Morgan and illustrated by Celine Eimann. It was published by IP Kidz in 2011.

    When Liam’s sister dies, his world turns grey. He spends hours watching clouds crossing the wintry skies, hoping that Cassie is out there somewhere. The night before Liam’s birthday, Cassie sails the Sky Dreamer to their home and invites Liam to climb aboard. Together they sail through the sky while Cassie sews Liam’s birthday present.

    But just like in real life – it’s not always smooth sailing.

    Along the way there are thunderclouds, lightning, and a storm of meteorites. “Help me, please!” Liam begs. But Cassie keeps sewing. Cassie is only there to guide him, it’s up to Liam to steer himself out of the grim, grey fog and take control of his life.

    The Sky Dreamer is one those books where the author and illustrator have done an extraordinary job approaching a difficult subject like death. Even though it is ultimately about the death, I believe it encourages children to explore their emotions in many situations where they may be grieving or need to be strong and independent when they’d rather run and hide.

    Eimann’s whimsical illustrations are a mixture of soft pencil and swirls of pastel paint. The pages start completely grey and grow to splashes of dreamy colour.

    At the end, Cassie leaves Liam with a precious rainbow cloak that she has sewn to keep him warm, safe, and to brighten his life.

    The Sky Dreamer is a comforting children’s picture book that allows children to recognise their emotions and take control of their life after the death of a loved one, just as Liam has done.”
    – Renee Taprell, The Book Chook

    July 24, 2023
  • IP (Interactive Publications Pty Ltd)

    “Liam is struggling to come to terms with the death of his sister, Cassie. On the day before his birthday, late at night, he sees Cassie sailing a boat through the sky, ‘The Sky Dreamer’. While Cassie sews a birthday present, Liam must learn to sail the sky by himself – a touching metaphor for facing life without her.

    When Cassie leaves, and Liam wakes in bed, he has his special birthday gift to help him feel warm and safe.

    The Sky Dreamer is a story written to help children cope with grief.

    Dr Anne Morgan writes heartfelt words from her own experience and Celine Eimann’s soft pastel images add a sense of comfort.”
    – Sandy Fussell, The Reading Stack

    July 24, 2023
  • IP (Interactive Publications Pty Ltd)

    “This is a most sensitive, alluring book about a child dealing with death. Written following the death of the author’s daughter, it acknowledges that grief is a long journey which may be shared but which is travelled alone. It can be stormy and seemingly endless but there is eventually acceptance and comfort and a way forward.

    The beautiful, delicate pictures mirror the mood of the story perfectly – monochrome in Liam’s dark days, and the introduction of colour when Cassie appears in the Sky Dreamer hints at a glimmer of hope and happiness. The chaos and colour of the storms reflect Liam’s thinking and feelings, but as they merge into gentler colours and less frenetic images the reader gets a sense of growing peace and calm.

    Too often our students travel their own version of Luke’s journey – this is a book that might help them navigate it more easily, showing them that whatever feelings they have are OK and that they are not alone. That, in itself, might offer comfort.”
    – Barbara Braxton, Teacher Librarian, 500 Hats and The Bottom Shelf Educational Blog

    July 24, 2023
  • IP (Interactive Publications Pty Ltd)

    “D’Une manière très sensible et doux, ce livre invite le lecteur à découvrir le parcours d’un enfant face à la douleur après la mort d’un frère.

    Dans la nuit avant l’anniversaire de Liam il éprouve une connexion de rêve avec sa soeur, Cassie qu’elle arrive dans son bateau, le rêveur du ciel , flottant juste au dehors de sa fenêtre au-dessus de la gomme fantôme argent. Cassie se félicite de son frère à bord et ils s’en naviguer dans de nombreuses aventures alors que Cassie coud son frère un cadeau d’anniversaire.

    Comme ils voyagent à travers le ciel, Cassie encourage Liam à apprendre à naviguer le rêveur de ciel par lui-même à travers les nombreux dangers de tonnerre, les éclairs, les météorites, les planètes et les comètes lointaines du passé. Peu à peu, il gagne la confiance pour diriger tout seul et tout le temps sa sœur coud son cadeau d’anniversaire. Quand le jour paraît, Liam laisse le rêveur du ciel avec son cadeau d’anniversaire spécial, qui va égayer sa vie.

    Voyage de Liam avec Cassie dans Le Bateau de Rêves est une belle analogie de voyage d’un enfant à travers les temps gris de la douleur de très apprentissage au fur et à vivre sans un frère et une fois à nouveau éprouver les, moments heureux ensoleillés. l’ onirisme et couleurs changeantes des belles illustrations reflètent les émotions que Liam éprouve comme il apprend à piloter le rêveur du ciel. Sa Stark monde, gris de chagrin se reflète dans les tons de gris du fond que il regarde les formations de nuages ​​dans le ciel. Cela contraste avec les couleurs changeantes dans les illustrations tout au long du récit, se terminant avec les couleurs ensoleillées de la dernière illustration.

    Ce beau livre explore tout en douceur le processus de perte et de la guérison et serait très réconfortant de partager avec un enfant de passer par ce processus.
    – Margaret Warner, Buzz Words

    July 24, 2023
  • IP (Interactive Publications Pty Ltd)

    “Il est fortuite et au bon moment que la version française a été publiée du livre de Anne Morgan, Le Bateau de Rêves. J’ai eu plaisir à lire merveilleux livre d’images de Anne tout recommencer, cette fois dans une langue différente.”
    – Penny Garnsworthy, Le conseil de l’Australie de livres pour enfants Tasmania Blog

    July 24, 2023

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