Josie Montano’s Little Shark Lulu is Sleeping – Q&A

Come along with us to interview Josie Montano, award-winning author and advocate of giving voice to those who cannot, as we discuss her newest children’s book Little Shark Lulu is Sleeping.

Q: How did you find the writing process collaborating with Dr Charlotte Birkmanis on this story? 

A: I have collaborated with other authors in the past, but this is the first time I’ve collaborated with a scientist. We respected each other’s suggestions and contributions and created a wonderful result out of Art + Science.

Q: What is special about Little Shark Lulu is Sleeping when compared to your other projects? 

A: What made this project was the amazing enthusiastic collaboration that came from four people, myself, Charlotte, Carla the illustrator and David the publisher. We communicated and collaborated from the beginning to the end, we were involved in every aspect. Also, I learnt a lot about what goes on under the sea!

Q: How was the name ‘Lulu’ decided and is there any special meaning behind it? 

A: We named her Lulu because the name means “precious”, “peaceful”, “protected”, and “calm”. 

Q: What is your favourite aspect about being an author of children’s books? 

A: I love the feeling of sparking a child’s imagination, that my words and story bring them joy and how my gift can inspire new worlds to open up — to take them away on a journey even if it’s only for a few minutes.

Q: What do you consider the most important achievement as a writer that you have made in your lifetime? 

A: My most important contribution to the world are my resources on Autism. I have over 30 resources published internationally on the topic and they have assisted people all over the world including Autistic persons, their families, and educators.

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