Local poet garners international reviews

Local Australian poet Murray Alfredson is off and racing with his second international review!  It’s hard to hold a good poet down.

“Certainly not for the faint-hearted, Gleaming Clouds by Murray Alfredson is the work of an unsparingly brave poet who looks at life, just as it is and hard in face. With impressive and sometimes daring linguistic virtuosity, forever looking to amplify experience, find meaningful resonance, explore faith in its fullest sense and take honest comfort wherever possible.

Alfredson’s translations from old Norse and 18th century German texts are also touchingly excellent – not only technically, but equally persuasive in their capture of nuance and a beautiful sensitivity of tone that seems to speaks directly to the very soul of our forebears.

[The] Gleaming Clouds is altogether a marvellous and impressively unique creative achievement that, for me, makes sense of one poets life lived always ambitiously and with consistent integrity.

You will struggle to find a robust literary read quite like this anywhere else in the contemporary canon and for that reason, it has my highest recommendation.” 

– Scott Hastie, Writer and Poet, Angel Voices

http://ipoz.biz/Titles/TGC.htmThe Gleaming Clouds by Murray Alfredson

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