Rhythm, Rhyme & Song

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The songs are arranged and sung by Shoshanna Godber, with backings on Celtic harp, banjo, electronic piano and guitar.

Rhythm, Rhyme & Song is an album of folksongs and originals from Canada and beyond enjoyed by children, as well as their parents and teachers. The songs are arranged and sung by Shoshanna Godber, with backings on Celtic harp, banjo, electronic piano and guitar.

Great Big Star”, “Fais Do Do”, “Canadian Lullaby”, “Little Red Bird of the Lonely Moor”
Lullabies are wonderful on so many different levels (not least of which is helping your child fall asleep). Many have simple tunes that your child will be able to sing. If you can hold your child while you sing they can feel the vibration of your singing. If you rock back and forth while you sing they will feel the beat. If you pat their back while you rock they will feel the divisions in the beat (it’s a good musical exercise for you too!).

“Shoo Fly”, “Little Brass Wagon”, “Nelly Go ‘Cross the Ocean”, “The Ponies Are Walking”
Folk dances and circle songs teach basic concepts of rhythm, repetition, sequencing, patterning, predictability, anticipation, musical cues, auditory discrimination, and counting. All that and they’re great for kinaesthetic learners and kids with energy to burn (which I think describes the vast majority of children!!)

A counting song which includes fine and gross motor movement as well as listening to be able to clap on the “pop” parts.

“Roll the Ball”
Song games are wonderful to engage children in music. You don’t have to use a ball specific song. Try singing a favourite at home while bouncing. Stop singing and bouncing in the middle. Often your child will start bouncing on their own to get you to continue the song. Or for babies in jolly jumpers, exersaucers etc., sing along while they bounce. Stop singing when they stop bouncing. Continue singing when they start bouncing again. Most likely your child will realize they are controlling the song and get quite a bit of enjoyment out of “conducting” you. You can also vary the speed of your singing to coincide with the speed of their bouncing.

“Lightly Row”
Another simple folksong – this one is used in most instrument beginner books and is helpful to know for that reason alone. It is also a great tune for rocking or rowing along on the beat.

“Come A’ Look A’ See”
Finger rhymes and songs are a really great fine motor activity which is so important for playing any musical instrument. If your child is too young to tap on their own fingers, you can do it for them. Later you can encourage them to tap their own/your fingers or attempt to wiggle individual fingers.

“On My Foot There Is A Flea”
Besides just being a fun song, this song is great for learning melodic movement. We travel up/down the major scale as the flea moves up/down our bodies.

“Wind the Bobbin Up”
Listening and feeling the beat are huge parts of making music, and this little song’s actions help little ones experience making a musical entrance (on the claps).

A premium recording, performed by Shoshanna Godber, with Celtic harp, electronic piano and guitar accompaniments.

Shoshanna Godber

Shoshanna Godber has been enjoying making music with children for over 14 years as a piano/harp/voice teacher, children’s librarian and mom. In 2013 she developed a class for children under 3 years old and their parents called Rhythm, Rhyme and Song. These are the songs enjoyed in the fall session of that class.

ISBN : 9781925231908
ISBN: 9781925231908
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  • IP (Interactive Publications Pty Ltd)

    “Wonderfully lovely and fun! The harmonies and harp provide a perfection of sound both stimulating and soothing. ”

    – Kathy Baxter, USA

    July 18, 2023

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