‘Yellowcake Summer’ reviewed as “sharp writing, black humour”

 Yellowcake Summer, the sequel to Yellowcake Springs and the winner of IP Rolling Picks 2013 award for Best Fiction, has been reviewed as sharp writing with plenty of black humour.

Yellowcake Summer by Guy Salvidge

“Rated 4 of 5 stars.

This is a very potent sequel. By nature, it’s very difficult for sequels to have the same power to surprise and amaze as their predecessor, but this one comes close — and better yet, isn’t a letdown in any way. One could read them out of order, but in my view the payoff is much greater by reading Yellowcake Springs first.

The vision that Salvidge has established of the future is consistent (and consistently grim). The adventure (especially of Rion) is entertaining, and the writing is again very sharp. What struck me here more than in “Springs” was the sense of black humor.Sure, Salvidge is standing on the shoulders of Huxley, Orwell, et al. — but he deserves to stand in their company.”

– Rory Costello

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